Take control of your business performance

We measure the organisation strategy implementation by surveying employee and customer satisfaction. Dashboards we deliver give control to your management of five business performance drivers

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Programme impact Internal clients
Programme impact Internal clients


A tool for decision makers to go deeper in performance analysis ......

Survey Field activities

A phone survey service provided by Mbee.M to collect high quality data ......

Business Case

A case history about how people and business have successfully used the MBee.M measurement system ......

Choose and customize the controls that will best support your strategy

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is the wellspring of your company's performance.
But are you sure that your employees really are engaged? What are the drivers of engagement? Which employee profiles are vulnerable? How to enhance engagement?
Bee.One helps you monitor and boost all aspects of employee engagement and align the HR strategy to the company strategy.



Training Impact

Training and employee programmes play a strategic role in boosting company competitiveness and developing new skills, competencies or behaviors.
But do you measure the impact of your investment ? Do you know the reasons that lead to poor and great impact in your company ?
If no to these two questions, you are probably in the 95% that measure Training satisfaction at the end of sessions and not at all employee programmes (for example, Excellence 2012, Customer focus).
Bee.Smart helps you to measure Training and Employee Programmes impact, identify the levers of higher impact and boost company employee investments' performance.

Process Performance

Support functions play a fundamental role in providing services to all other departments.
But how are these services perceived internally? Are you sure that they contribute to end customer satisfaction? Do they facilitate or slow down business operations?
Bee.Team helps you to align your support functions to the company strategy and increase their contribution to customer satisfaction.

B2B Added Value

Adding value to your B2B clients is fundamental to enhancing your business performance.
But are you sure that your business relationship increases their competitiveness ? How much actual value is delivered to each customer ? How well is your B2B strategy implemented?
Bee.ToBe helps you to develop a valuable and profitable one-to-one relationship strategy with your B2B customers.


B2C Loyalty

Keeping the right customers is of paramount importance to your profitability.
But how well is your B2C strategy implemented? How much actual value is delivered to each customer ? How loyal are they to your company's products and services?
Bee.ToSee helps you to coordinate company's relationship channels to deliver the best perceived value to your B2C customers and strengthen their loyalty.