Measuring process performance with Bee.Team


Your company's performance depends on a number of internal suppliers of strategic importance. IT, HR, communications, sales logistics and other support units provide unique services to all the other departments and divisions.

But how are they perceived within your company? What is the Perceived Value and satisfaction of their services? Are they believed to facilitate or slow down business operations? Do they fulfill you company's needs with respect to services rendered, reaction times and quality of relations between all stakeholders?

The answers to all these crucial questions can be brought to you by Bee.Team using its unique tools and a unique three step methodology :

  • In the first step, Bee.Team helps you define the scope of analysis, the relevant surveys and the different analyses than need to be carried out. The existing database of preformatted survey questions and pre-tuned measurement systems make powerful customization a breeze.
  • In the second step, Bee.Team generates and sends individualized surveys to each internal client. The entire survey campaign is handled automatically and does not require any action on your part.
  • In the third step, the collected data are processed by the customized performance measurement systems, yielding specific recommendations for effective change aimed at all the different decision makers in your company.

By providing your company with results that reveal the true situation and that are always actionable, Bee.Team helps you improve the global performance of your internal suppliers and optimize essential processes in your company in ways you never imagined

      see video "Internal clients"