Measuring employee Engagement and Satisfaction with Bee.One

Employee satisfaction is the most important variable in determining employee drive to adopt and enact your company's values, processes and value drivers and achieve higher performance.

Managing employee satisfaction, engagement and performance means answering some complex questions:

  • What factors contribute favorably or unfavorably to employee satisfaction and thus to Employee higher Engagement ?
  • What is your team engagement profile ?
  • How well are your human resources managed with regards to company strategy (alignment) ?
  • Which employees contribute most to HR management and towards its objectives ?
  • Which corrective measures should be taken company-wide and for each team ?

With Bee.One, you can implement a unique, largely automated employee satisfaction measurement process that addresses these issues :

  • Bee.One makes it easy to design and implement customized questionnaires precisely matching each employee profile.
  • Bee.One automatically generates customized reports according to each manager's profile and responsibility.
  • Bee.One measures the level of commitment of each employee, his or her awareness of company's key success factors and may even reveal hidden talents.
  • Bee.One assesses team management KPI based on customers' feedback.
  • Bee.One measures team management contribution to overall company key success factors.

The practical outcome of a Bee.One employee satisfaction measurement campaign is a set of priority actions that will increase employee satisfaction and improve strategy KPIs for each team.


Bee.One, in collaboration with PIManagement, has developed the SEP model linking Employee satisfaction to Engagement and level of Engagement to Performance. This model (graphic below) has been validated through a research programme conducted with EPFL University.

With Bee.One, all aspects of your human capital performance can be uniquely optimized.