Measuring B2C client satisfaction with Bee.ToSee


Customer loyalty is of paramount importance to your success. Measuring B2C client satisfaction is not enough. Related variables with only indirect impact must also be assessed.

Do you know for instance how well your B2C strategy is really implemented ?
How much actual value is delivered to each customer ?
Are there any weaknesses in your delivery channels ?
What are the perceived advantages of your company over competition ?
What variables impact customer satisfaction?
Do you need to take any corrective action ?

Mbee.M is your one-stop total solution to carry out complete B2C client satisfaction measurement campaigns:

  • Mbee.M helps you design and implement customized surveys using the modality of your choice (paper, online, telephone, face-to-face)
  • Mbee.M automatically generates customized reports aimed at different managers (sales, marketing, finance, etc,)
  • Mbee.M assesses B2C client KPI based on consumers' feedback
  • Mbee.M identifies all the relevant internal leverages towards increased B2C client satisfaction.

The practical outcome of an Mbee.M B2C client satisfaction measurement campaign is a set of priority actions that will increase client satisfaction and improve all aspects of the relationship between your B2C clients and your company.