Measuring B2B client satisfaction with Bee.ToBe


Regardless of the specifics of your business, your B2B client satisfaction levels always depend on your contribution to their competitiveness. This contribution is in turn a direct outcome of your external strategy.

Do you know how well your B2B strategy is actually implemented ?
How much real value is delivered to each customer ?
Which internal variables impact your B2B client satisfaction levels ?
Do you need to take any corrective action ?

  • Mbee.M helps you monitor all aspects of your relationship with your B2B customers and act immediately for immediate improvements:
  • Mbee.M helps you design and implement customized surveys in record time, using unique strategic accounts for all relevant targets.
  • Each B2B customer profile is investigated in detail using on-line or face-to-face interviews.
  • In case of complaints or dissatisfaction, Mbee.M lets you take corrective measures in real time
  • Mbee.M automatically generates all the predesigned reports for each strategic account and customer.
  • Mbee.M identifies all the relevant internal leverages towards increased B2B client satisfaction.

The practical outcome of an Mbee.M B2B client satisfaction measurement campaign is a set of priority actions that will increase client satisfaction and improve strategy KPIs globally and for each strategic account and customer.