Mbee.M is distributed through a network of certified partners.

Mbee.M headquarter acts as a Research center and a data processing center. It also develops and maintains Mbee.M methodology and practices and assure that Mbee.M certified partners are qualified to implement Mbee.M solutions.

Mbee.M partners are independent companies benefiting from a strong reputation in their market. Their business is complementary to Mbee.M business. Mbee.M solution adds value to their core activities.Partners companies are most generally consultancy company active in the fields of strategy, organization and business process reengineering.<

Mbee.M partner network is now covering France, Switzerland and UK. Olivier Saurais is the creator of Mbee.M and runs the MSR consultancy, the first Mbee.M partner company, based in Switzerland.

MSR SAAvenue de Lavaux 101
1009 Pully - Switzerland

Telephone:+41 21 728 23 86
Fax:+41 21 728 23 83

If you desire more information about Mbee.M partners or apply for it, please email us :   info-mbeem@mbeem.com



About Olivier Saurais
the creator of Mbee.M

Olivier Saurais the Director of the MSR consultancy based in Switzerland is the creator of the Mbee.M measurement system. ......

Olivier Saurais