How Mbee.M worked for Touring Club Swiss


What TCS needed

What were the major needs?

As Sonja Betschart, Customer Relationship Manager at TCS said “our TCS businesses all know what to do – that, after all, is their job. What we wanted to find out from our customers is how they wanted the job to be done.

TCS needed to find a means of managing based on knowing the connections between:

A single unified management information system was needed to pull together all these elements. This would make it possible for TCS to create a common 'service language' based on shared values which would be the basis of its relationship with all its customers.

This ambition relies on what the company call 'its four pillars':

  1. the adoption of Values and Behaviour Processes for “How to do Business with Customers
  2. training to provide the means of meeting those objectives
  3. take-aways from the training to record personal priorities and achievements , integrated with the company’s Management by Objectives approach – goals, targets and actions undertaken to improve customer satisfaction
  4. a measurement system that measures the rational (objective) as well as the emotional (subjective) factors of customer satisfaction

The erection of the fourth pillar was what the Mbee.M system was asked to do.