How Mbee.M worked for Touring Club Swiss


What Mbee.M did for the travel division

For external customers – the SMILE VOYAGES pilot for travel agencies.

Mbee.M measured the satisfaction of customers at the frontline in the 37 TCS travel agencies. Over a period of two years, we used both survey techniques and a mystery shopper programme. We took the results from both exercises and consolidated them into reports that gave managers information on:

And all these reports were customised to focus on individual managers' areas of responsibility.

In addition, Mbee.M produced customised reports that allowed customer satisfaction performance to compared across all TCS businesses. The system did this by allocating specific findings (for example whether staff were welcoming or unwelcoming, whether the travel agent gave the customer a card with his/her name and contact details) to the most appropriate of the six drivers of satisfaction and loyalty – the six success dimensions.

In our examples, the attitude of staff (welcoming or unwelcoming) relates to a positive contact experience. The giving of the card relates to easy access to the company and its services.

The way Mbee.M handles the data, transforms findings into identified areas for improvement action. The traditional response to a survey question such as“How satisfied were you with the reception in the travel agency? is an answer like “30%. Mbee.M relates that sort of answer to the appropriate success dimension - in this case positive contact experience - and compares it with the target or benchmark performance as well as with the best and worst performance delivered by other TCS agencies.

After all, a result showing that as few as 30% of customers are satisfied,might be a good level of satisfaction in a situation where the target level was 25% and everyone else got 15%. In that case, no need to panic and the manager can prioritise some other aspect of the service for improvement.