How Mbee.M worked for Touring Club Swiss


All you need is love? THE TCS TECHNIQUE

Love, loyalty, satisfaction – TCS has them all. So why spend money on measuring them?

TCS has a special place in the affections of Swiss consumers. More than 50% of Swiss households have a relationship with this 110 year old non-profit membership organisation with its 1400 employees. Satisfaction and renewal rates are sky high for its principal product - roadside assistance at home and abroad. It has other travel and insurance-related products and has recently launched a credit card. The 37 TCS travel agencies have no ties with any tour companies and so constitute the largest independent chain in Switzerland.

Small but perfectly formed. But with a lot to lose.

The individual TCS member can look to TCS for a number of service products. Satisfaction with one product creates the confidence to buy the others. Conversely a bad experience with one puts this relationship at risk.
So TCS cannot afford to rely on its history however successful. Younger people are less impressed by this venerable Swiss institution than their parents and grandparents. Car dealers and other insurers are now supplying their own breakdown and 'get you home' services. Internet booking of holidays bypasses travel agencies. Lots of people offer holiday insurance.

No immediate threat to TCS but the company decided to act now.