How Mbee.M worked for Touring Club Swiss


The process to be piloted

TCS wanted a way of establishing customers' satisfaction with services and processes right across the business - for both internal and external customers. It needed to discover the core dimensions of success based on what customers value and then develop a common language of service management based on those values.
How could TCS first measure and then manage this in a consistent way in all its businesses and across all its customers?

Recognition of the world of feeling

When it comes to customer satisfaction, feelings about the service or product received count for far more than the product or service itself.

Based on intensive qualitative research with customers, TCS has come up with six value-based dimensions that drive the customer's perception of good service.

These six drivers of satisfaction and loyalty are:

  • a positive contact experience
  • easy access to the company and its services
  • trust
  • reliability, time after time
  • respect for customers' needs and feelings - along with respect for TCS people
  • recognition and knowledge of the customer